Fun Learn Gerrmany With Meinkauf

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Meinkauf is android application for learning the Germany language, in Meinkauf you can learn with fun and easy than to learn in meinkauf you can also play, Meinkauf shop that also has a feature where we can shop items – items that can be used in doing the quiz oh yes Meinkauf also are following the race event Magical Camp 2014, we asked for his support Meinkauf developers to Meinkauf by downloading Meinkauf in playstore or in the download is very useful for us.
Category  : Desktop Application
Latest Version  : 1.2.7
Developer  : Bayu Syafresal Izdham dan Bram Wiratma
Homepage  :
Contact  : / 083831298057
Download Link  :
Application Description
Learn to shop with German language is easy and fun with Meinkauf !
Writing , Reading and Speaking can be mastered by playing Meinkauf !
You can get the level of A1 with ease here .1. Learning Words
2. Learning Sentence
3. Dialogue
4. Fun Quiz
5. items to help you do the quiz
6. Shop for items
7. etc.


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